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Trying to get off this ride…


We are destined to stay connected.

Even as we try to control and temper our social medial consumption, the pace of global information keeps us from truly unplugging from the system. Our species has grown dependent on the globalization of communication and information technology. Our systems of economics, politics, and operations have become built upon the superhighway infrastructure.

If we want to move mountains or just pay the electric bill we must depend on these systems of ever-growing, fiber-optic services.

Try unplugging for 30 days, see what happens. And the process is not simply a matter of convenience; our interpersonal exchanges are impossible without technology.

This is how we have evolved. All we can do now is control what buttons we push and when.

And hopefully save time to look up and enjoy the amazing ship we’re riding through space.


140 words of your time… ~psd

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