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Hello all! 
I made a short film- I’m calling it a pseudo-documentary, because that’s what it wants to be, but it’s having some troubles. It’s my first go at this sort of thing, and I learned a lot both from the filming process, and even more so, from the editing process. 
The subject material is very dear to my heart, and I believe I will continue to explore these topics for the rest of my life. 
If you have twenty minutes, please indulge me, and give this a watch. 

I brought this to Crisis Art Festival in Italy this summer, and had several interesting group and one-on-one discussions about the technical elements of the piece as well as the subject material. As this is my first film of this kind, I am looking for any and all feedback, criticism and comments on things that worked/didn’t work for you as the viewer. This project is a work-in-progress, and anything you thought while watching-no matter how small or seemingly trivial, will help me, so if you have a moment to send me a personal message, please do.

For example, in past discussions things that have come up for me:
-I am reconsidering all of my music choices (obviously copy-right is an issue here), and whether or not to even have music. Speaking to sound in the piece-I hope to be much more professional in my next go at this project with more sophisticated technology and less inconsistencies.
-My “blooper” reel will probably not be apart of the next iteration (it was just that footage I couldn’t let go of…).
-Length of the piece is something I’m taking into consideration. 
-I plan of gathering a much wider swath of interviewees, particularly those with some specialty in the fields I’m covering-spirituality/religion/metaphysics as well as science & technology. 
-Billy Graham and Rick Warren were “hot button” people to feature for some individuals, and in some cases turned them completely off to any message the film hoped to get across, because of negative association, so that footage is also up in the air.
-Beyond these things, there are dozens of other small moments that I am re-considering, too many to list here, so truly, if you feel inclined, please message me with specifics for what worked/didn’t work! Either on Facebook, here, or over email:
Please go to:
for a full list of questions and ponderings that got this project started in the first place!

Imbalanced Education…


As connected as our global village has become, with technology advancing human potential to new heights, we remain vastly impoverished when it comes to the education of our global youth.

The wellbeing of our next generation is not simply a regional or even national issue, instead the future of our planet depends on a global thinking force armed with the technology and developed talent to find solutions that will keep our way of life thriving and collaborating. Organizations like the Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) are helping to open doors for children in areas of the world currently struggling with impoverished education.

But this challenge is one that we must all take action in finding remedy. For as the digital era marches forward only the total connectivity and illumination of our youth will light the way for a brighter tomorrow.


140 words of your time… ~psd

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Scranton

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