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Out for coffee…

The distinct accent of her voice intoxicates him. Her level of physical proximity shows he’s gained her trust. They come here for coffee a few times a week. The hustle of vehicles and passers by at this busy intersection do not interrupt their exchange.

He takes a few moments to glance away before gather his thoughts and returning his gaze to focus only on her. With each meeting his interests grows, wondering if she is feeling the same.

"I can’t stop thinking about you."

She says nothing. Absorbing his words and shortening her breathe.

He studies the subtle response, desperately seeking a window into her thoughts.

She whispers, “Neither can I.”

His heart races, the pounding competes with the traffic roar. He slowly glides his hand across the table to reach for contact with hers. They touch. Time stands still.


140 words of your time… ~psd

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